Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is to log in to our domain site, register with a email(username) and password, input your biodata in the required fields and hit the "Activate" button.

Your ID-Life profile will be activated immediately. To check if is working, simply scan the QR Code and your biodata should show up.

Yes, you may retain the same ID-Life biodata in your profile even though you purchase different accessories. All you have to do is to link it up when you login.

All our ID-Life codes are unique to each accessory. So it is highly unlikely.

There are no hidden costs and no first year sign up fees for uploading your biodata on our site and linking it to your ID-Life code when you purchase your ID-Life accessory. There will be subsequent annual renewal fees for your database maintenance from second year onwards. You can access and update your biodata as frequently at your convenience at

We do not encourage the ID-Life code/ accessory to be transferable as it contains your personal biodata.

For car decals, if you own more than one car, we recommend that you buy another car decal for the other cars.

In any case, we advise you to immediately log in and de-activate your profile. Once deactivation is done, all your information in the profile will be removed immediately. Replace with a new ID-Life accessory, log in with your email (username) and password to re-activate. Ideally change your password for security reasons.

It depends on whether there are updates required for your biodata, such as change of address or medical condition, as this can be crucial information in an emergency situation.

We encourage you to stay current with your biodata and remember the onus is on you to provide information that could potentially save your life.

We have security features to ensure your privacy and the information stored in our server will be held In strictest confidence.

Only you have the access to the biodata stored and it is only accessible when you log in with your email (username)and password.

Also we emphasize that the responsibility falls on you to safeguard against unauthorized scanning of the ID-life accessories in your possession.

In any case of suspicion. we advise you to immediately log in to de-activate your profile.

Once deactivation is completed, all your biodata in the profile will be removed immediately.

Yes, you may re-activate your ID-Life biodata simply by logging on with your email (username) and password, and activating it. However, we may request that you change your password for security reasons.

We would have notified Emergency Response/ Police Force personnel and privatised companies providing medical services of the existence of our ID-Life accessories, with clear written instructions on where to locate them and how to use them effectively in emergency situations to save lives.

Our website also clearly details instructions on how to use our ID-Life code.

No, we have photo ID to verify the identities of those whose biodata were captured in the IDLife profile so no mistakes or confusion will surface.